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About Me

Hello, my name is David Beal. I'm an elementary school librarian, as well as an amateur genealogist & the webmaster of this site. When I'm not helping kids find books or spending time with my wife, I spend a little bit of my time researching family history (i.e. searching archives, town clerks offices, cemeteries and libraries of every kind.) I enjoy putting together the big puzzle that makes up my past. I find it fascinating to learn where my family came from, and the diversity of my background. I also enjoy time writing my musings and poetry. No, you won't find my poems on this site. I wouldn't even expose my cat to that drivel! Haha. I hope you enjoy the site!
Dave Beal

So, what is your Beal lineage?

Enoch A. Beal Sr. [1836-1888] is my 2nd great-granddfather. *
John James Beal (the 1st) [1870-1952], son of Enoch A. Beal Sr., is my great-grandfather.
Burton F. Beal [1910-1983], son of John James Beal (the 1st) is my grandfather.
John James Beal II [b.1942], son of Burton F. Beal is my father.

If you believe that we are related, send me over an e-mail!

Click here for my Beal family tree, charts & family listings. It's only for those
who are curious. It is password protected, so just e-mail me with your interest
in the tree and I'll send you a password to view it.

 * Enoch Beal is my primary research subject.  For more information, click the link on the 
    left labeled "Enoch A. Beal."

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